I got a Face Value Feather!

I had the opportunity to visit Face Value Studio & Salon while in Charlottesville, VA during the last weekend in July. The salon was hosting a "Meet & Greet" for Miss Teen, Miss, and Ms. United States and we had a wonderful time.

However, me being the person that I am, I always notice the "strange and unusual". So one of the stylists at the salon (Melissa Riley) had feathers pinned in her hair! It was one of the coolest things I had ever seen. I inquired about it, and apparently it's one of their signature styles! Melissa noticed how fascinated I was with the feather, and decided to make me fabulous too! I was so thrilled about it... And the salon later wrote a little blurb on it. You can check out the story on Face Value's Website at http://www.facevaluestudio.com/news.cfm?news_id=5, or read below!

Ashley Smith, Miss United States 2011 arrives at Face Value to see Lucinda and staff and can't wait to get a Face Value accent feather in her beautiful hair.

Ashley, then Miss Virginia, consulted with Lucinda prior to making the trip to Las Vegas to compete in the Miss United States Pageant. Lucinda's experience in Bridal and Special Event hair and makeup brings celebrity clients to the salon. Ashley stopped back in to say hello after returning from her phenomenal win in time to see the new Feather Hair Accents that just arrived. She just had to have one. Come by to get yours while supplies last.

Ashley was one of three Virginia contestants that Face Value worked with that won their division in this year’s United States Pageant. It was an historical near sweep for the Commonwealth of Virginia in this prestigious event.