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Mission Statement:
The primary goal of the Miss United States Organization is to provide a lifechanging experience for young, vibrant women across the country. Our organization strives to empower all delegates to become active participants in her community while nurturing and promoting a cause meaningful to her. The Miss United States Organization is based on a solid commitment to uphold the standards of fairness and integrity. We pride ourselves in providing an avenue for each young woman to give a voice to those needing to be heard, lend a hand to those less fortunate, and be a compass for those daring to dream.

At the local, state, and national level the Miss United States Organization gives women the opportunity to promote a platform of community service. The pageant system allows young women all over the country to interact and discuss their achievements in service and volunteerism. It promotes the intellect, moral character
and personal engagement of its outstanding participants as they pursue success in achievement.

The Miss United States Board of Directors is composed entirely of volunteers who are dedicated to providing a positive and memorable environment to the young women who participate nationwide, encouraging young women, and creating community service leaders one by one.


Please consider serving as a sponsor, assisting our national titleholders as they travel across the country.
Please invite Miss United States to your civic or educational event.
Please join us by volunteering your time and abilities on one of our local or state boards or on the National Board of Directors.

For more information, please contact National Director Chris Wilmer at