CBN's 700 Club: "Celebrity" Is In Your Mind

I am led into a large studio with an audience to the right and two sets in front of me. Seated in the first set is the lovely Kristi Watts, who is preparing to interview me. And in the other set, meditating n spiritual revelations from The Lord and gearing up for the next segment of the 700 Club… is Pat Robertson.

Was I really here? Was this really happening?

It was only last year that I received a phone call from Regent University, informing me that I was the recipient of a full scholarship toward my Masters Degree. Without it, I would have never been able to set foot on campus. But today, a short time later, God had elevated me to a position where I could personally thank the man responsible for the existence of my school and the opportunity for me to continue my education. It was nothing short of a dream come true.

After briefly speaking with Mr. Robertson, I was instructed that there were only about 30 seconds left before my interview! So I gathered myself and tried to remember the "read-ahead" information I had received to prepare for the day. And just as I began to feel comfortable, Kristi Watts glances at me and says, "By the way, I hope you got a good look at the 'read-ahead' info... Because we're NOT using any of it! We're going off the cuff!"

Oh boy.

But, I have to tell you, even with no preparation that was one of the most memorable interviews I have ever done! Never have I been able to share with others who Jesus Christ is to me and how He has encouraged me in life's darkest moments. My one wish as a titleholder was that God would allow me to be a vessel for Him, and that interview was a blatant opportunity for me to do so.  

I was able to speak not as a beauty queen, but as a timid high school student determined to make something of herself. I represented young people nationwide who never attained popularity, were the targets of ridicule, and often questioned God about whether or not they were good enough to be the best at anything. Yesterday, I was not a celebrity. I was the example that "celebrity" is in your mind.

And then, the interview was over. And I may never know how many people were able to watch or the impact it may have had on someone's life. But I believe my story gave someone that extra push to keep going, to keep trying. Why? Because there was a sense of peace that came over me, something like God placing His hand on my shoulder and saying, "Well done."

And that one moment of peace made the last seven years of perseverance all seem worthwhile.

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