Get Your Hot New Look with New Contours!!!

If you're like me, getting that extra body fat off has never been easy. Sometimes it feels as if you're never going to shed those extra few pounds between you and the body you've always wanted...

What if I told you I found the way to END you weight loss nightmares????

The answer is simple... NEW CONTOURS OF FREDERICKSBURG, VA! New Contours is a company that uses non-invasive procedures to literally melt  the fat away from your problem areas! Over the course of a few sessions, you'll unmistakably see results you could never achieve on your own. Between April and July of this year, I had four sessions with New Contours and lost (drumroll please)... a whopping ten pounds!!! I know, I couldn't believe it either! But in all seriousness, I attribute much of the body that won me the title of Miss United States to the people at New Contours!

Are you considering entering a local pageant, or are you a current contestant? In the highly competitive environment of pageantry, little things mean a lot. You need to pay attention to detail. Let New Contours help you get swimsuit ready. They specialize in sculpting areas that are resistant to diet and exercise such as inner and outer thighs, buttocks, abdomen, bra fat etc. Treatment effects are cumulative so the more treatments you schedule before the pageant the better your results can be. They recommend six weeks before your pageant date. Call 540-372-2049 or visit to schedule your free consultation. Family, friends and supporters are welcome too!

*Ask for Kendra Sheets when you contact New Contours, she's just lovely to work with :-) And make sure you tell her that I sent you!!!!!